Residents in the village of Deshler will be paying more on their income taxes beginning in 2015.   Deshler Council this week passed the third and final reading on an ordinance to raise the income from three-quarters of one percent, to a full one percent.   That hike would go into affect on January 1st of next year.        A motion was made before that vote, that the increased revenue from this income tax change would be split 50-50 for fire and police operations.  It’s estimated the hike in the income tax would generate an additional $65,000 for the village of Deshler each year.


Construction should get underway in about ten days for a gas line replacement project in Deshler.  K&G Energy of Findlay will be installing new natural gas lines on Hamilton Street, Arps Drive, and Patriot Drive over the next 3 to 4 weeks.  That work should begin on September 8th; but would not impact traffic in those areas.   The next phase of the gas line replacement is slated for 2015.  Letters were sent to property owners, informing them of the construction.