This could be a preview of construction projects to come.   Napoleon city council approved spending an extra $17,000 on their Northcrest Circle project, in order to keep access for residences while the work is going-on.   This is a pilot project, to provide home-owners in construction zones more access to their property.  


Napoleon Council passed a resolution to oppose the federal government’s move to take-away tax-exempt status on bonds that are sold for municipal construction projects through Amp-Ohio.   That has cost AMP thousands of dollars in interest that was previously paid by the government.


                        Council approved completing the lighting project at Napoleon city hall, that will feature L-E-D lighting, to be installed by Bartel’s Electric, at a cost of close to $7,400.  The new lighting will save money in operation for the future.


The zoning map for the property targeted for development just south of Wood Drive in Napoleon has been changed from industrial to commercial.


                        And Napoleon Council is likely to begin discussions in the next few months regarding income tax paid by city residents to communities they work in.   Napoleon currently does not collect when residents pay other town’s income taxes.   But that may change to some degree in the future.