Residents across the BuckeyeState are casting their ballots in the Primary Election 2014, with the polls remaining open until 7:30 this evening around Ohio.    There are plenty of local issues to consider, including school levies, township requests, and villages seeking funds for their services.


            The state of Ohio is also seeking passage of an amendment to continue financing construction projects for communities.


When it comes to local candidates, there are few contested races.  In fact, the only candidates running for HenryCounty office are Kevin Garringer for Auditor, and Thomas VonDeylen for county commissioner.        FultonCounty is much the same, and running uncontested in the primary are Jeffrey Rupp for commissioner, Brett Kolb for auditor, and Char Lee for county treasurer.               Michael Bumb is also running unopposed for juvenile and probate judge in FultonCounty.


Northwest Ohio will be deciding on some representative races.  In the 81st state district, Robert McColley of Napoleon is challenged by Jason Rockey of Montpelier for the Republican ticket.   John Lymanstall is running unopposed for the Democratic slot.


Three candidates are vying for the republican seat for Ohio Senate; including Cliff Hite, Milo Schaffner, and Corey Shankleton.


Residents of local nursing homes have joined voters across northwest Ohio in casting ballots early.   And for those that have not yet voted; the polls will be open until 7:30 tonight.   Our election coverage on WNDH will begin at 8pm, following the votes in Henry and Fulton counties.