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Ozzy Osbourne says he hasn't stumbled in his recovery since cleaning up from his substance abuse relapse. 

Back in the spring he revealed that he was once again sober after spending a year-and-half using drugs and alcohol. 

The rocker tells "NME" his wife Sharon was incredibly angry after learning he'd fallen off the wagon, and he doesn't "blame her in the slightest" for their temporary separation. 

Ozzy adds that he has no excuses - there was no triggering event that prompted him to start using again.  He explains that "for no reason at all you'll suddenly think, 'I fancy a drink,'" and then the "next thing you know you're scraping yourself off the garage floor three days later." 

The singer says addiction is like having a "haunted" head, and calls it "a disease of the mind and body" that "you can't control." 

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