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R&B singer Usher is known for his spectacular dance moves, but he may want to think twice about his company the next time he does the splits on stage.  

Usher's embarrassing experience didn't stop him from busting out the dance moves on Thursday night's "Conan" on TBS.  However, before teaching Conan a few dance moves, the "Voice" coach recalled the time a female fan walked up to his tour bus in her birthday suit.  Usher explains that as his bus was leaving a concert venue, a woman stripped completely naked.  Always the gentleman, Usher says he didn't take advantage of the woman and refused to let her on the tour bus.  

The singer also discussed how he had prepared to play boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming film "Hands of Stone."  Usher explains that he's been getting in the ring for lessons on how to box like Sugar Ray.  After plugging his film, Usher took a moment to encourage his fans to vote his final "Voice" contestant Michelle Chamuel before Tuesday's season finale. 

Don't miss Usher on two night finale of "The Voice" starting Monday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on NBC.  

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