Teenage drug users are freaking out because FACEBOOK is now monitoring - with the feds - all social messages having to do with DRUG USE and the purchasing of narcotics via social media! Some are calling it an invasion of privacy!



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DRAKE and RIHANNA... back on? It looks like the two were spotted entering a HOTEL in NYC together after a long night at the club! Here we go again! 


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Get ready for KIM KARDASHIAN...  pop star! KANYE WEST reportedly has produced an entire album of pop smashes for KIM... and it will be worked to pop radio in the coming weeks by UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC RECORDS, who signed an exclusive deal to distribute Kardashian in the "PJ" with pop-gurus the LIPMAN BROTHERS and promotions czar CHARLIE WALK! 


Three stories... ONE is true! Which is it? 


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