Woman Arrested For Sending 65,000 Texts To Man After First Date

If you think you've had some bad first dates, a guy in Phoenix probably has you beat. After meeting 31-year-old Jacqueline Ades online, he went out on a date with her. While he didn't think she was a match for him, she fell in love with him, telling her local news, "I felt like I met my soulmate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine." Jacqueline then sent him 65,000 texts sometimes 500 in a single day. She went on to send him threatening messages and stalk him, which ultimately got her arrested. 

Among the texts were comments like, "Oh what would I do w ur blood! ... Id wanna bathe in it," as well as death threats and anti-Semitic remarks. Ades even called herself the "new Hitler." Jacqueline was arrested last month when she was discovered taking a bath at the man's home. Police also found a butcher knife in her car. At the time, the man was out of the country but he was alerted to an intruder by his surveillance system. After her release, the woman showed up to the guy's office and claimed to be his wife. She's now charged with threatening and intimidating, stalking and harassment. 

Jacqueline explained her behavior by saying that love is "not perfect."

Photo Credit: Getty, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office