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Store Tracks Down Veteran’s Son To Return Momentos

It took him four years to do it, but UPS Store owner Randy Holst finally tracked down the rightful owner of a lost box and delivered it. He had been looking for the owner since it was returned to his Golden Valley, Minnesota store a few years ago after a few delivery attempts failed.

When Holst eventually opened the box, he found a framed military funeral flag with spent shell casings, along with other military memorabilia and personal items. Knowing no one would throw those things away, he started searching for relatives of Carl Burnett Burchell, a veteran whose name was on some of the stuff in the box. He contacted the VA and sent over 40 messages on Facebook before he found Tim Burchell, Carl’s son.

After confirming the items were his dad’s, Holst sent the package to Burchell. It seems the box had originally been sent to Burchell by his step-siblings - but they sent to the wrong address and then moved themselves, leaving the box in limbo. Of course Burchell is thrilled to have his dad’s momentos back and he’s thankful for Holst’s detective skills that made it happen. “He’s what everybody should be,” he says.

Source: Star-Tribune

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