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Track Your Kid’s Fever From Your Phone

Having a sick kid is terrible, but having to wake up your little one to take their temperature is even worse. That’s when TempTraq can help make mama’s life a little easier. It comes with a high tech sticker that goes under your kid’s arm and for 24 hours it syncs to an app on your phone, so you can check it from the other room without waking your sick child to see if they’re burning up.

TempTraq also monitors the fever over time and tracks how it responds to medication, which will make things much easier if you do end up at the doctor’s office and your sleep-deprived brain can’t remember all the deets of your kid’s temperature. And it does this for multiple kids at a time, so when your whole family goes down, you’re covered.

Since most of us are on our phones all the time anyway, this just simplifies things for moms. And that’s what we like about it. You can buy TempTraq at drug stores and download the app for free.

So when your kid has been up puking all night and the pediatrician is asking about how junior’s condition has changed over time, you can just show her your phone and be done. And you won’t have to tiptoe into your baby’s room to try to stick a thermometer in their ear without waking them up. This seems like an app worth getting excited about, moms.

Source: Babble

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