Less Americans Living the American Dream?

We’re always hearing politicians talk about the American Dream, but is it really a reality in this day and age? A lot of people don’t think so. A CareerBuilder poll finds that only 47% of workers believe they are living the American Dream, with women less likely than men to say so (41% vs. 54%).

Of course, what constitutes that American Dream is different for everyone. For most people, the idea of achieving the American Dream means making enough money for themselves and their family to live comfortably (85%). That's not the only criteria.  Other examples of the American Dream include:

  • Being able to help others (48%)
  • Getting a great education and providing that opportunity for my family (35%)
  • Making an impact on my community (30%)
  • Leaving a legacy (22%)
  • Seeing my ideas become a reality in business (17%)
  • Becoming a millionaire (10%)

Overall, 60% of workers don’t think all Americans have an equal shot at the American Dream. As for what’s keeping them from achieving it, the most common answers include:

  • Cost of education (58%)
  • Cycles of poverty (53%)
  • Wage gaps (52%)
  • Inequality (among women, minorities, etc.) (51%)
  • Access to education (41%)
  • Lack of belief that things can be better (34%)

Source: Yahoo Finance

Sad to see this kind of story. I have to believe though people will never stop chasing their American Dream. Do you feel like your living one?-@JoshNagy981

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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