Man Breaks up with Gym

Breaking up can be tough, even if it’s with your gym. A Redditor Mastrrbasser playfully (and brilliantly) expressed “deep regret” over canceling his gym membership in a heartfelt letter to Planet Fitness. Why the missive in the first place? PF wouldn’t let the man cancel over the phone, they wanted a letter. And they got one - sent certified - after he moved to a different state.

“It is with deep regret, and a heavy heart that I write this letter,” the letter reads, in part. “Certain events in my life have put me in a different place, and while it was one of the more taxing decisions I’ve had to make of late, it is the right one.”

But that's not all. He writes, “I know I’ve been distant, but it’s because I’ve changed. I have different needs now, and to be frank… you really haven’t changed at all.” If that wasn’t enough, he also noted that his wife “also needs to cancel her membership.” Read the whole thing HERE.

Source: Mastrrbasser

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