Avoids these Mistakes on a First Date!

We’ve all got a bad date story, but some people seem to have no idea how to act when they go out with someone new. Dating is tough enough, but some bad dating habits turn it into a nightmare. These are the biggest date faux pas, according to eHarmony users, so basically, this is what you don’t ever want to do on a first date.

  • Be rude to service people - The worst thing you can do on a first date is be a total jerk to people waiting on and serving you. It’s one of the fastest ways to ensure there will be no second date.
  • Constantly check your phone - Nothing’s quite as rude and disrespectful as scrolling through your Instagram while you’re on a date, so put it away and pay attention to your date.
  • Talk about your ex - We all have exes, but bringing yours up on a first date makes your current date feel weird and on edge.
  • Swear too much - We all do it and sometimes it can be hilarious, but when your whole vocabulary is filled with expletives, it sounds a little rude and immature.
  • Refuse to pay your way - It’s the 21st Century, why not split the bill or take turns paying? We shouldn’t assume our date will pay just because we’re females.
  • Show up late - Sure, it happens to all of us every once in a while, but being late on a first date isn’t a great way to start things off.
  • Constantly check your appearance - It’s a pretty big turn off to catch your date checking themselves out any chance they get.
  • Come on too strong - It’s one thing to show you’re interested, it’s another to turn into a creep who won’t take no for an answer. It’s a fine line and you’d better not cross it.
  • Offer unwanted life advice - Please don’t mansplain our own careers or lives to us. We’re good, thanks.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK

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