Kirstie Alley Calls This Olympic Sport "Boring"

Kirstie Alley clearly isn’t trying to win fans – at least not from the USA Olympic Curling team. She called their sport “boring” on Twitter Monday night. 

But Team USA’s John Shuster had a clapback that was classic. “We’re not trying to be mean, either, but your movies weren’t exactly riveting theater, Kirstie,” he said. 

The 61-year-old Kirstie – who’s apparently run out of effs to give – said yesterday, “Another day to try and be as ‘sensitive’ as possible to not offend anyone anywhere anytime…about anything…lmfao…GOOD LUCK.” 

Source: Page Six

What do you think? Is curling the most boring sport to watch during the Winter Olympics?-@JoshNagy981 

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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