People are trying to visit "Wakanda"

The “Black Panther” African nation of Wakanda may be fictional, but it seems as though a lot of movie fans don’t necessarily know that. Believe it or not, reports an increase in searches for Wakanda, which is bringing some attention to a little town in Wisconsin.

According to the site, searches for Wakanda Park in Menomonie, Wisconsin have surged 55% in the two months since the Marvel hit was released. And while that may be the only actual Wakanda, other similar sounding areas have also seen an increase in popularity, including the similarly-pronounced Wauconda, Illinois, which has seen a 25% increase, and Makanda, Illinois, up 40%. Internationally,  Wakaya, Fiji, has seen a 235% increase in searches, and Wakkanai, Japan, has seen a 55% increase. 

"The film has touched the hearts and minds of millions of film fans around the world. We regularly see that pop culture inspires travel choices and in a surprising way, this is no exception,”’s Scott Ludwig notes. “We love that travelers are seeking the Black Panther's homeland, from Wisconsin to Japan. Wakanda forever!"

Source: Gulf News

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