The "Irish Goodbye" is More Common These Days

Do you have one of those friends who’ll be hanging out with your group and then suddenly you’ve realized they’ve left without saying goodbye? Well, that’s known in some parts as an “Irish Goodbye,” and it turns out a lot of people are guilty of it.

A new poll by Lyft finds that about 75% of people say they have at least one friend who’s known for frequently employing the 'Irish Goodbye,' while 40% of people, including half of Millennials, admit they will often slip out from an evening with friends without saying goodbyes.

Are you unsure of whether you’ve ever been a victim of an Irish Goodbye? Well, the poll found some typical ways friends have ducked out on an evening, so if they sound familiar, the answer is yes. 

Signs your friend has given you the Irish goodbye include:

After dancing to your favorite song you look around but your friend is nowhere to be found.Once you make it to your third bar of the night you realize that your group is missing a few people.Your friend says they have to take a call, only to step outside and never return.A bathroom run almost always ends up in texting "Girl, where did you go?!"Your friend leaves to close out their tab at the last bar leaving you feeling ghosted

Now, if you’re someone who wants to pull off the best Irish Goodbye, the report offered a few tips. First off, make sure you have a ride home lined up before you duck out. And the best time to insure a quick exit is at either 8 pm or 11 pm, while you’re more likely to get caught if you leave at 7 pm or 10 pm.

Source: Business Journal 

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