People are going on Vacations and Paying to Unplug

A recent poll found that only 37% of Americans say they completely unplug from work while they are on vacation, but it seems more and more folks are desperate to do just that, and they are paying big bucks to force themselves to take an online break. 

These days there are plenty of vacations being offered where unplugging is the selling point. A newly launched travel company called Off The Grid prides itself in not allowing phones, and according to co-founder Zac Beattie, all of their current trips are sold out, with more expected to be added later in the year. The typical traveler interested in such unplugged trips can be anyone from a college student, to a millennial and even folks in their 60s.

And Off The Grid isn’t the only unplugged vacation option out there. The Mexican beach resort Punta Placer doesn’t have Wi-Fi or phones, while the adventure company OARS boasts the fact that they have no cell service at their location in Idaho’s “River of No Return.” 

  • Some luxury hotels are even getting into the act. For example, New York’s Mandarian Oriental offers an “unplugged retreat,” where customers check their phones to get cleaned and polished while they take classes in meditation and more, while The Four Seasons in Costa Rica also encourages visitors to check their pones at the desk, rewarding them with an Apple iPhone case if they make it phone-free for 24 hours. 

Source: New York Post

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