University of Michigan Students want a Corgi for Class President

A group of students at the University of Michigan would rather have their student body ran by a dog than a human. Not just any dog though, they want to elect Reggie the Campus Corgi as president of the student body.

Reggie often makes visits to the campus with his human Michael P. Sola who’s a resident of Ann Arbor. Michael often takes Reggie for walks during peak hours at the college to meet with students and let them pet him and give him treats. A Facebook group that loves the pup so much is urging students to write in Reggie’s name on the ballot for president, but Reggie isn’t quite ready to lead the student body. Reggie’s Facebook urged students to do otherwise.

"Because some of my good human friends are "truly" running for Student Government President, I've decided to ask all my friends to get out and Vote for Them," the post reads. "They deserve your support in their sincere desire to become leaders of the student body. I'm now returning to simply running with my little doggo friend. Thanks for supporting your candidate's for student body government with a few minutes of your time in voting! Please help, by reposting this wherever you can!" Though Reggie the corgi isn’t making the run for pres, the pup is pretty popular. He’s even reached the Facebook friends limit of 5,000 friends.

Source: Michigan Live

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