Traveling Trends for 2018

A lot of people will be traveling this year, and while some may take simple trips to the beach or to visit family, there are a lot of people who have other expectations and dreams when it comes to getting away, and now a new report reveals some insights into what those folks are hoping for this year. 

Pinterest just revealed their 2018 top travel trends, based on users re-pins and you may be surprised by some of them. Top travel trends include: 

  • Solo Travel – While some people couldn’t imagine going on vacation alone, solo travel seems to be on the rise, with solo adventure re-pins up 593%. 
  • Wine Trips – It seems a lot of people want to sip vino on their vacation, with the site seeing an increase interest in trips to vineyards and wineries all over the world.
  • Train Travel – When you think travel your mind probably immediately goes to a plane, or maybe even your car for a road trip, but it seems more and more people are interested in train travel, which allows folks to soak up the scenery as they travel to their destination. 
  • Bike Tours and Surfing Experiences – When it comes to what to do on vacation, there’s been an increased interest in bike tours. In addition, a lot of folks want to ride the waves and take surfing classes all over the world.
  • Long Weekend Getaways – You don’t need to have a week off to get away. Pinterest shows interest in long-weekend trips are up 167% while short stopover trips are up 90%. 

Source: Elite Daily 

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