Expert with Legos? There Might Be a Job For You

If you're someone who loved playing with Lego as a kid, or still do as an adult, you may now be able to do that for a living.

In case you missed it, a new Legoland Discovery Center is set to open this fall in Columbus, Ohio and they are looking to hire a Master Model Builder, whose job is to basically "go to work and build stuff out of Legos,” although it also requires the person to work with children, lead workshops and attend media events.

But you need some serious qualifications to get this job, and you actually have to prove you are not padding your resume. Legoland is holding what they call their Brick Factor Competition for the gig on May 5th and, May 6th at Easton Town Center in Columbus and if you’re interested you have until April 25th to submit an application.

Source: Dayton Daily News

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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