Would you Skip the Honeymoon for Many-Moons?

After all the stress that comes with planning a wedding, couples often look forward to getting away from it all on their honeymoon after saying “I Do.” But according to new report, more and more couples are forgoing the big two-week break, and opting instead for several shorter trips, a.k.a. “Many-moons.”

While taking a short break after the big wedding may not sound ideal to some people, there are a variety of reasons couples opt for such short trips. Some couples say it’s because it allow them to have one-on-one time together more often, plus multiple short trips can keep things fun, and gives them something to look forward to.

In addition, “many-moons” allow couples to rack up the passport stamps. Amy Shey Jacobs, a wedding planner with Chandelier Events, says many young couples have “Millennial Wanderlust” and want to do a lot of travel, noting, “It’s easier to do that by taking shorter trips to more places.” 

  • And of course, there’s also the more practical reason, in that it’s harder and harder these days for people to get two weeks out of the office. “Couples can't get away from work when they want to anymore,” Jacobs says. “The pressure doesn't comport with the traditional two-weeks-off-the-grid honeymoon. So, many-moons allow for multiple long weekends away that couples can take when everyone else in the world turns off, too like holiday weekends.” 

Source: Yahoo Style

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