A Quiet Place Jumps Back to Top at Box Office

“A Quiet Place” has snuck its way back into the number one spot at the box office after spending last weekend at number two. It seems that even after three weeks in the box office, the movie is still a fan favorite. Its competitor Dwayne Johnson’s “Rampage” swapped with it for number two. In case you missed it, Johnson bought out an entire theater for a superfan to see his new latest film - and you can read more about that HERE.


Meanwhile, Amy Schumer’s highly-anticipated “I Feel Pretty” settled for third this weekend. The movie raked in around $16-million, which is surprisingly less than what her other movies “Trainwreck” ($30-million) and “Snatched” ($19.5-million) made in their opening weekends. “Deadline” notes that the movie hasn’t brought in a “stampede of females” and that some feminists may be struggling to “believe the premise.”

  • “A Quiet Place”- $21.7-million
  • “Rampage”- $21-million
  • “I Feel Pretty”- $16.1-million
  • “Super Troopers 2”- $14.9-million
  • “Truth or Dare”- $7.9-million

Source: Deadline

As a fan of the Office. i'm pretty happy to see John Kransinski's success. Two of three weeks on top for his horror movie is really good. I hope the movie continues to succeed. That said, with the new Avengers movie looming its run at the top will come to an end.-Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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