UCLA Gymnast Wins National Championship with Perfect 10

Okay, I'll be the first to tell you I don't know much about gymnastics. In fact, my extent of viewing is only watching every four years during the summer Olympics games. I have a girlfriend that keeps up with College Gymnastics, so I'll see somethings here and there. Actively, I don't find myself seeking the sport beyond when the majority of us catch the Olympic bug.  

I'm always a fan of pure athleticism, and Peng Peng Lee from UCLA dazzled when the pressure was on. She needed to score a 9.75 to win the national title. So why not post a perfect 10 for the SECOND time instead?  


Love seeing this type of stuff. I'm also fired up for the Summer Olympic games after watching. It's too bad, we all have to wait 2 more years.....

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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