Ed Sheeran "Happier" Music Video

Ed Sheeran was already "perfect," now he's even "Happier." The crooner has unleashed the video for a new song, "Happier," in which we see him as a red-haired puppet (you'll recognize that it's the same puppet from his clip for "Sing").

In the clip, Sheehan retreats to a bar after he spots his ex-girlfriend laughing while eating with another man. He then fantasizes about beating up the new man in his ex's life.


The song itself hits close to home. Sheeran says he wrote it after went to a wedding and saw his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend - a man he's admitted to disliking. Apparently, a lot of people are feeling Ed's pain - the video is trending in the top ten on YouTube. Check it out on the right.

Source: Ed Sheeran

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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