Biggest Pet Peeves for Travelers

An Expedia survey recently named the “Seat Kicker” the most aggravating airline passenger, but another poll seems to disagree, although airline seats are still a huge cause of airplane aggravation. 

The Go Group just released their findings of a survey on the biggest travel pet peeves, and “people who recline their seat in your lap” easily came out on top with 22% of the vote.

Other big travel pet peeves include:

  • “Loud Talkers” – 17%
  • Folks who cram too-large luggage into overhead bins (16%)
  • Crying children (13%)
  • People who moved too slowly through TSA (8%)

Pet peeves garnering a lower percentage of the vote, but are still pretty annoying, include folks who use mobile devices without headphones, drunk passengers, people who bring smelly food on board, armrest stealers, overly chatty seatmates and barefoot passengers, each of which got under 5% of the vote.

Source: Market Watch

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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