Google will be able to Make Phone Calls

So I can't decide if this is amazing or kinda freaky? Maybe its a bit of both. Google I/O'18 is this week and its a conference exploring the future of tech. Yesterday a presentation was given and all I have to say is that the future is definitely now! Say you need to make an appointment? Maybe a haircut? Google is gonna be able to take care of scheduling that haircut for you moving forward. Google will make the appointment seamlessly, to the point it will go undetected by those its speaking to. Seriously, give this video a watch and you'll see what I'm saying:  


Sometimes, I get really nerdy thinking about the tech we will have at our hands in the future. This time, I kind of feeling like technology is taking over all facets of our lives. That could be a little scary..

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Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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