Ryan Reynolds Sings" Annie" Song as Unicorn

I found this a little late in the show yesterday, but had to share it today! Deadpool 2 will be released this coming weekend to theaters and my guess is that it will be the first movie to knock "Avengers: Infinity War" off the top of the box office. (Only Marvel would be bold enough to challenge their own movie) Ryan Reynolds is doing promo for its released but overseas in Japan. So how does he promote the movie? Pretty much in typical Deadpool form. He dresses up as a unicorn and sings showtunes from the musical, "Annie"

No...I'm not kidding. Take a look: 


Don't believe me that it's him? Watch how the crowd reacts when they learn its him!


Did anyone know Reynolds could sing? I sure didn't and he can really carry a tune! It's a fun little promo move to get people talking about the film before its release. I probably will try to catch the film this weekend. This definitely weirdly swayed me to giving the Deadpool sequel a chance upon its release.   

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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