Laurel vs Yanny Finally Explained

We brought this up on the show yesterday, Laurel or Yanny? What do you hear? For me, I can only hear Laurel and its very clearly Laurel. I've tried so hard to hear/listen for Yanny, but it's just not there. Or is it? Greg Brown and Mitch Moffit of ASAP Science on Youtube breakdown the science between the Laurel/Yanny debate. 

Give the video a watch and try to hear both:


So, it looks like slowed down by 30% it's clearly Yanny. If we speed it up 30%, well then it's Laurel. Played at its regular speed, we can possible hear both.

This all makes my head spin. I can only still hear Laurel. What do you hear? Let me know and tweet me @JoshNagy981

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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