Backstreet Boys "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" Official Video

"Backstreets Back, ALRIGHT!" 

Wrong song, but the Backstreet Boys are back with anew single! Yesterday, we were a part of the world premiere of their song, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." I think its really catchy, but IO think its also really cool to see these guys still involved with music! I mean, Backstreet Boys were one of the first artists' albums I can remember buying as a kid. Along with their world premiere they dropped a music video for the new single. Loyal BSB fans will love this one. Instead of following a story, this video focuses on the band as they sing and dance to the music. It also spotlights each member of the group through the video. Check it out:  


These guys still got it. Awesome to see! 

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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