Giant Darts Looks Awesome!

Doing show prep daily, I've learned there are certain Youtube channels I really look forward to seeing on a weekly basis. Dude Perfect has became one of my favorite Wednesday morning views. These guys typically will do parody or gaming videos.  This week, they bring one of everyone's favoirte bar games to a life sized form, GIANT DARTS! It looks awesome. i want to try to find one of these twelve foot dart boards and play with my friends over the holiday weekend. 

The game is pretty simple, they go three rounds with eliminations through the entire way. Furthest dart from/on the board gets eliminated. The challenge isn't that simple though. They throw from the back of a truck, after spinning in circles and off the roof of a building. Check it out:


Anyone else want to invest in a giant dart board and play a few rounds this weekend? I'm game!

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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