America's Got Talent Returns, Golden Buzzer Preformance

America's Got Talent is my guilty obsession. I love watching raw and creative talent, it's became something I look forward to watching every summer. Last night, the show debuted for it's thirteenth season and we have a golden buzzer already! Host, Tyra Banks, cashed her Golden Buzzer in on the breath taking performance from aerial dance group, Zurcaroh. Fan of stunts? This act is for you!  


What blows my mind is that these are for the most part just kids pulling off these incredible stunts. I also believe that Zurcaroh may have some history on their side. Last season, the first golden buzzer we saw was Ventriloquist, Darcy Lynn and she went on to win the entire show! 

It's one of my favorite shows and I'm sure I'll be keeping you posted on the action all season long! What a way to kick the summer off with a bang!

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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