Weezer Drops "Africa" Cover

If there's ever been a song that's considered an earworm, it's "Africa" by Toto. I mean, you hear the song once or even a small clip of the song and you sing it the rest of the day. Just ask my girlfriend, it's her least favorite song for that reason. Weezer was one of my favorite bands growing up and it looks like they covered this 80s jam. Weird, however it looks like they made the move after a twitter account called @WeezerAfrica asked them too. A bit of an odd request and someone went to weird lengths to get this cover....But it sounds pretty good!


Cool to hear a 2018 spin on this song. Weezer rocked the classic in my opinion. 

Your thoughts? Let me know and tweet me @JoshNagy981. 

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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