Awkward San Diego Newscast on Inflatables

I don't really know how to start this warned this video gets painfully awkward quickly. 

A news report took to the field to go to the Inflatable Run at the San Diego County Credit Union Stadium in San Diego. He starts by asking a misleading question for the event and then never really recovers. He leads the crowd around him in a painfully awkward chant. Then, when things couldn't get any worse...He interviews a guy wearing one of those "Wacky, Wavy inflatable arm tube guy" costumes...Could this broadcast get any worse?  


I've had my blunders on-air before. This....This is something else. Have you ever had a day like this at work? Let me know. I hope this didn't make you cringe, as much as it did for me.-@JoshNagy981

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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