Anderson Cooper's Remembers to Anthony Bourdain

We sadly lost Anthony Bourdain last week at the age of 61. It later came out that the cause of Anthony's death was suicide. Anderson Cooper shared this tribute to his late friend on Friday, and I thought it was important to share here on the blog. If you are unfamiliar with Bourdain, you get a chance to learn all about his life. You learn about his passions, his travels, and his stories. It's a shame we lost such a brilliant mind this way and so shortly after Kate Spade as well. If you would, like to watch the tribute I've posted it below: Video credit to CNN


I do also think it's important I post this number.


This is the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Know that you're never alone and that there is always some one there to help. Don't Ffght alone in silence.  

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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