"Ocean's 8" Wins Box Office in Premiere Weekend

Has this been the most crowded movie season in sometime? As I walked into the theater last night with my girlfriend, I began to ponder this thought. Basically through July, every weekend is set to have some sort of decent box office draw. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised  if we didn't have a different top dog each weekend. So far, we've already had Avengers, Deadpool and Solo. We've barely scratched the surface for June...

This weekend marked the first big release of this month, "Ocean's 8" and we have a new top dog at the box office. The ladies of "Ocean's 8" took down a Star Wars film with disappointing numbers through three weekends.  (I did see the film, expect a review on air Tuesday, June 12th.) 


Here's the top 5 from this weekend:

1. "Ocean's 8" 41.5 Million

2. "Solo: A Star Wars Story" 15.1 Million

3. "Deadpool 2" 13.6 Million

4. "Hereditary" 13.0 Million

5. "Avengers: Infinity War" $6.8 Million

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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