Chris Pratt Joins In On Smosh Game Show

People love Chris Pratt. He's a Marvel megastar, Jurassic Park Stud and a pretty funny guy too. It seems that he tests well with audiences of any age.  Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom is set for release next Friday and we can only assume audiences will continue to fall in love with the actor. Ahead of this release, Pratt stopped by the Smosh YouTube channel's game show, "You Posted That?" to have some fun. He play against two other contestants and they back into their twitter pages for some pretty funny laughs. 

If you love Chris Pratt or any of the roles he's played, you'll probably love this clip!


Smosh is one of the longest running channels on YouTube. I can remember watching their videos as the website as just getting started. Credit to those guys for putting out great content through the years!

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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