"The Predator" Trailer Released

Let me get this off my chest, I can;t stand horror movies. I don't like the suspense. I hate "jump scares" and frankly I don't find be scared to be fun at all. After watching this trailer, I think "The Predator" looks absolutely terrifying. 

The fourth installment in this series is set to release September 14th. (In time for the spooky season of fall). I know people love their sci-fi horror movies, but I've just never liked these. That said, I have no doubts that audience will lineup to see the movie and the franchise will continue to make money. I am interested to see the role Keegan-Michael Key (from Key and Peele) will play in this movie. A huge difference from some of his most known work!

Check out the trailer here: 

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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