Backstreet Boys Join Jimmy Fallon and The Roots with Classroom Instruments

I think my personal favorite late night host is Jimmy Fallon. It just seems like he has so much fun with his guests. He breaks the tradition talking aspect of a late talk night show and delivers really fun content with the guests who join him. One of everyone's favorite bits is when he covers songs with The Roots and other musicians. This time, he's joined by the backstreet boys to cover one of the biggest pop songs of the last 20 years, "I Want It That Way." I don't care what anyone says, this song is still an absolute jam. (Yes, easily one of my favorite guilty pleasures).  Watch it here:


Who was your favorite artist to do an classroom instrument cover? This actually might be mine! Tweet me and let me know!-@JoshNagy981 

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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