World's Biggest Backyard Water Trampoline

Growing up my family was vest lucky to have grandparents that opened a summer home in northern Michigan. In fact, we still go up there during the summer. You may recall a few weeks ago I talked all about my trip on air.  (Maybe I'll go this weekend...hmm) Anyhow, we always had fun on the lake as we soaked up the sun. Over the years we'd collect new water toys to play with as we cooled down.

This morning making my usual rounds, I came across this video from Steve Sharer's YouTube page. I must admit, I'm pretty jealous. They inflate the world's largest backyard water trampoline.  It's nothing ground breaking, but a pretty cool share if you enjoy life by the water. Check it out:


I wish i had one of these growing up! Would you go on this? Let me know-@JoshNagy981 

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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