Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer

I'll start first by tagging this blog post with SPOILERS.---> Do not watch the clip if you are not caught up with the show.

Next, I'll tag this clip for language. The Walking Dead uses explicit language. Don't watch the clip if that would offend you.

Aright, now on to the fun part. AMC dropped the season 9 trailer at Comic Con and I'm ready for more. I had struggled with the last few seasons of the show until season 8 roped me back in. It looks like a very interesting dynamic with many of the communities working as one. Of course there are Andrew Lincoln has already said he plans on leaving after this season....but lets not focus on that right now. Check out the trailer!


What are your predictions for this season?? Let me know! Tweet me-@JoshNagy981

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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