"The Nun" Debuts at Top Spot in Weekend Box Office

It's officially that time of the year where I walk away from the box office for two months. It's scary movie season folks. If you're into horror, I would think the next eight weeks at the box office would be up your alley. It started this weekend with "The Nun" from the "Conjuring" franchise. This fifth installment did quite well this weekend opening fall movie season. It opened at the number one spot dethroning the three time weekend winner, "Crazy Rich Asians" sporting a $53.5 first weekend. While horror isn't my thing, I get the appeal. This series has it's niche and they'll always come out to support. 

This weekend's other newcomer, "Peppermint" did okay this weekend. Jennifer Garner's new flick landed the third spot falling just short of the second position. 


This week's Top 5:

1. The Nun- $53.5 Million

2. Crazy Rich Asians- $13.6 Million

3. Peppermint- $13.2 Million

4. The Meg- $6.0 Million

5. Searching- $4.5 million

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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