Special Look at Marvel Studio's, "Captain Marvel"

Last night was awesome for multiple reasons. First, the College Football Title Game is alwasy one of my favorite broadcasts of the year. Clemson rolled over the Crimson Tide of Alabama BIG. Secondly, Marvel Studios gave us another look at "Captain Marvel." This is the final chapter before their release of "Avengers: End Game," later this spring and I've been counting down for this release. 

I feel like with each trailer, we are getting a bit more depth as to what this story will be all about. Brie Larson looks fantastic in role from what we've seen. I feel like "Captain Marvel" is the first MAJOR release in the box office for 2019. If this trailer doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.  


"Captain Marvel" is slated for release Friday, March 8th.  

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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