Watch this Dog Charm with Harry Potter Spells

I think every  dog owner should take the time to train there dogs to obey to basic commands. Sit, stay, fetch, those are your everyday commands, however there's something to be said for harder commands. When a dog can roll over, play dead, speak, etc, that's pretty cool to see their obedience.

I love seeing that taken to the next level. This woman decided to use her love for the Harry Potter series to train her dog. Normal commands that you'd traditionally hear are now magic spells. I grew up in the Harry Potter generation, so for me I knew the commands before the dog would react.

Check it out, I found this on Brizzy Voices YouTube Channel.    


I'm sure the Harry Potter fan in your life will get a kick out of this the same way I did. 

Are you a pet owner? Can your pet do any unique tricks? Let me know or show me! @JoshNagy981 on Twitter.

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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