My Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 8, Ep 2. **SPOILERS**


Okay, are we clear? Let's Go!


Last night provided plenty of finality, didn't it? Lots of character arc and goodbyes. A few examples? Brianne earning the respect of her peers and getting knighted. That's literally what she fought for from the beginning. Grey Worm and Missandei saying goodbye before battle. They've both came such a long way, and their romance has always been there. The Arya and Gendry scene. You know what I'm saying....

Twitter had some mixed reactions last night. So many people wanting and craving the action that next week will certainly deliver. I actually really appreciated how the writers humanized these characters this week. They felt so real. Game of Thrones is a show with kings, queens, dragons, monsters, snow zombies and more. While extremely fictitious, this episode suspended that feeling of disbelief. Each character was just trying to enjoy their final moments. Humans on the brink of imminent death reacting. It gave us fans plenty to chew on.

That said, war is upon the North. Next week could very well be the grittiest episode to date with plenty of death. Who do you think is going to make it? (I really believe Sam will make it all the way) Who do you think is going to die on the battlefield? (Brianne. I'm sorry, but her moment last night was just perfect.) It sure seems like we are getting one major character death in the next episode. There's only 4 left after all.

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