Must Listen: Florence + The Machine Covers, "Jenny of Oldstones" From GOT

I'm going to try and do this as SPOILER FREE as I possibly can......


Okay, so I think one of the scenes that stands out the most to me is when Podrick began to sing. Tyrion goes around the room with his company asking for someone to sing. Podrick begins singing, "Jenny of Oldstones" which is a song from the books. A montage then plays over showing our heroes preparing for what will be many of their final stands. The song is bt beautiful and haunting. Florence + The Machine's verison played along with the credits and it was all the same, beautiful and haunting.

The song is a potential hint as to the future of the show. Jenny of Oldstones was the lover of Duncan Targaryen, a man who gave up his claim to the throw for love. Could we be seeing a similar story line ahead? Only time will tell.

Josh Nagy

Josh Nagy

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