Some people just can't let Halloween be fun for everyone!

Some people just can't let Halloween be fun...

A few masked people ruined Halloween for this kid and her family when one of these revelers decided to try to steal their candy bowl and take off with it.

The kids mom posted the RING video to a private Facebook for our neighborhood... here's what she wrote:

"Some stupid teenagers just came here and stole candy and broke our bag from my 4 year old girl who is now traumatized, she is extremely scared. Please comment If you know who they are so we can get to the bottom of this. This is highly inappropriate. I will be circulating this video until I find out who they are. Beware!"

No word on if the cops found these morons, but, as a neighbor, I figured I'd post about it here and help her to put these idiots on blast. What if that were your kid? Your house? How would you feel?

Some people just can't have a good time...

To my neighbors... if you ever need me to help you find some people who did you wrong... you know where to find me.


, I figured I'd

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