People will do almost anything to ditch student loan debt


While many college students would not be able to get a degree without a student loan, most students are not happy with what it takes to pay back all that money.

A new survey of folks with undergraduate and graduate degrees, who took out student loans, find that 89% see their college debt as a financial burden. And as you can imagine, owing all that money has forced these people to make some major sacrifices over the years, including:

Skipped a social event/gathering (39%)

Getting a side hustle (39%)

Serious budgeting (38%)

Taking a job I don’t like that pays well (36%)

Skipping others’ life events due to travel cost (36%)

Skipped a meal (35%)

Not getting a car (35%)

Living in a less safe neighborhood for cheaper rent (35%)

Not buying new clothes (32%)

Living with my parents (29%)

Student debt is such a financial burden to some that many would be willing to do anything to erase it, including:

Shave my head (51%)

Walk to work for a month (49%)

Never have caffeine again (40%)

Relive high school over again (40%)

No time off from work for a year (40%)

Week in jail (39%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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