The weird - and wrong - ways people eat food


While there are certainly some foods that most people would agree need to be eaten in certain ways, apparently there are some folks out there who don’t like to follow the norms.

A recent Reddit thread noted, “Certain foods have a “correct” way of eating them. What are some wrong ways to eat those foods?,” and some of the answers were startling.

Wrong ways people have eaten foods include:

  • “Once I had a substitute teacher just drink an entire bottle of steak sauce,” one user wrote. “In my personal opinion, there is no right way to consume steak sauce, but that man found one of the worst.”
  • Another said their sister ate bananas “like corn on the cob,” noting, “she will peel the banana halfway and then scrape the sides with her teeth making it shiny and then she would eat the center remains,” and adding, “I think she should have been put up for adoption.”
  • One person claimed to have a friend who ate an orange like an apple, explaining “He didn't flinch. He didn't spit out the peel. He didn't do anything. It was so wrong.”
  • When it comes to sushi, people said you had to “stuff the whole thing in your mouth or hold it [with the chopsticks] until it’s finished,” while another warned against breaking pasta in half before putting in the water to boil.
  • One poster shared, “I knew someone who would eat a burger layer by layer, from the top down.”
  • While another person suggested it’s totally wrong to eat “cereal with a fork.”

HT: Fox News

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