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What Working Moms Really Want for Valentine's

Way back before you had kids, Valentine’s Day might have been celebrated with champagne over a candlelight dinner at a romantic restaurant. But for most working moms, Valentine’s Day looks a little different these days.

We’re all focused on making sure each of our kid’s classmates has a Valentine card and dealing with our little ones on a sugar high. It’s not that we wouldn’t like a little romance - but we’re tired and a nap sounds pretty good too. Here are some other things working moms would actually like on February 14th.

  • For our hubbies to suddenly become really turned on by stained yoga pants, stubbly legs, and messy hair.
  • Silence.
  • A Facebook feed full of happy images - like Idris Elba and Ryan Gosling, instead of political rants and depressing news.
  • Sexy lingerie - just kidding! That’s not on any mom’s wish list.
  • Chocolate - But it needs to be disguised as broccoli so the kids won’t touch it.
  • Wine - And a quiet, kid-free place to enjoy it would be nice too.
  • Cleaning services - Seriously, who wouldn’t want the gift of not having to clean up for once.
  • Sleep - A few hours to nap would really be amazing.
  • Childcare - Time to do something without the kids for a change, even if it’s just to nap.

Source: Working Mother

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