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Study: Men Actually Fall In Love Faster Than Women

If a guy you’ve been seeing said “I love you” first, you may have thought it was just an attempt to get you naked sooner. But according to one study, he was probably being sincere. Research shows that men actually fall faster than women - despite everything we’ve come to believe about females being the ones who are head over heels first.

The study surveyed college students and to start with, both genders thought women would fall in love before men. Thanks to society for making us all believe that! But as it turns out, it was the men who felt the feelings first and said those three little words before women did.

So why are men falling faster than we are? "I think women unconsciously postpone love compared to men," explains study author Marissa Harrison. “Women have a lot more to lose reproductively by committing to the wrong man. They’re born with a finite number of eggs, yet men produce millions of sperm on a daily basis.”

But on the flip side, it could be that men are just predisposed to want to procreate as much as they can. Psychologist Ingrid Collins says that in her experience, men are “far more inclined to get fired up about a mate, but also more likely to look around more.” So if you feel like saying “I love you” first, you do you. And if you feel like waiting, just know that science says he’s probably feeling it too, even if he won’t say it just yet.

Source: Redbook

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