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Secrets That Have Come To Light During A Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy - ending a relationship you thought would be lifelong with some complicated legal proceedings is tough. But sometimes in divorces, secrets are uncovered, making everything more complex. A recent Reddit thread asked divorce lawyers about the best kept secrets they discovered about their clients and here are some of the most shocking answers.

Hidden property - Like a lot of it! One attorney in a high stakes divorce says the husband managed to hide two apartment complex, an ocean-front penthouse in an expensive city, and an offshore oil rig, all without the wife knowing.

A multi-million dollar fortune - A divorcing husband in Australia actually hid $10+ million by making an overpayment to the tax office and having it refunded six months later, according to his divorce attorney.

A fake engagement ring - One divorce lawyer’s client was worried his wife wouldn’t return her engagement ring, so he swapped it for a fake one! That worked for him until they reconciled - no word on if she ever found out about it.

A secret second (and third!) family - This one is actually unbelievable! An East coast hubby with an income of $1.5-million cheated on his wife 10 times. Close to the end of the divorce process, it came out that he had another family in Seattle, a different name, and another $14-million salary, with stock options in the second identity worth $214 million! They figured it out thanks to Facebook photos, but the guy fled the U.S. and went to the Czech Republic - where he had a third family waiting! What a scumbag.

A love of crossdressing - One lawyer had a client who thought her hubby was having an affair, but he was actually stealing her undergarments to wear himself! Yikes.

Source: Redbook

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